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24/7 Lockout Support

Have you got an emergency with your lock or key? The Locksmith Indianapolis offers emergency locksmith services for people in every area of Indianapolis, IN. We’re a 24-hour locksmith company who operates an entirely mobile service, bringing our customers the help they need when they need it, wherever their location may be.  When you’re locked out, the last thing you need is confusion about who to call. By making The Locksmith Indianapolis your locksmith of choice, you won’t have to waste your precious time deciding what to do. The way forward is clear: call us and we’ll come as quickly as we can to get you back into your home, business, car or safe! 

Our Emergency Locksmith Services

The Locksmith Indianapolis is your 24-hour locksmith service provider of choice for handling all kinds of lockout situations:

Home Lockout

Locking yourself out of your own home is beyond frustrating. It can even be dangerous during cold winter weather, especially if you’re with children. Unfortunately, everyone seems to do it at least once. With all the keys most people have to carry around, it’s all too easy for a house key to go missing. If you don’t have a spare key hidden somewhere, and your family members can’t come to help you out, you’ll need help from a professional locksmith. That’s where we come in! Just give us a call and we can come and have you back inside your home. We can even make you a new house key right there on the spot. 

Business Lockout

Business lockouts are perhaps the most stressful kind of lockout situation in that many people tend to suffer: you, your employees, your customers. If you can’t get the doors to your business open, you risk losing your precious business hours. Worried that a mobile locksmith won’t be able to get past your commercial-grade locks? Don’t be. We’re specialists. We’re trained and experienced in getting into all kinds of doors. What’s more, we carry every kind of equipment we need with us, meaning that we’ve got the tools to get past your stubborn high-security locks and get everybody back into your space. 

Car And Trunk Lockout

There’s no kind of lockout situation that isn’t frustrating. However, car lockouts are uniquely upsetting because they usually leave you stranded out in public somewhere, sometimes far from where you need to be. But there’s no need to panic. We can get out to you quickly once you give us a call and can usually get you back into your car in a manner of minutes. Additionally, if you’re locked out because you lost your car key, we can make you a new one, right there on the spot. We don’t even need the original. 

Safe Lockout 

Safe lockouts are especially upsetting because they can feel like impossible situations. You keep your most precious assets inside your safe, so forgetting the combination or losing the key for the lock can make you feel separated from those items you need and care about. While it’s true that safe locks are built to be harder to get into, we can still do it. Just give us a call and let us assist you.

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Opening Doors & Protecting Property

People who lock themselves out often worry that getting back into their car, home, or place of business will incur damage to their locks or doors that will require costly repairs or replacements. With The Locksmith Indianapolis, you don’t have to worry about that. We’re trained and experienced in doing our job. We know how to handle your locks with care, prioritizing damage-free methods of entry. 

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service At a Great Price

There’s a common practice among unauthorized locksmith companies: quoting a cheap price over the phone, only to demand more money once they arrive due to any number of reason. The hour is late. The hardware is uncommon. The job is inexplicably complicated. They’ll tell you a flimsy excuse and ask for a payment that’s way over what you were quoted.

At The Locksmith Indianapolis, we practice policies of transparency and professionalism in our work. When you call us, here’s what you can expect: 

You describe your situation to us.

1. We quote you a minimum and maximum price estimate.

2. Then we come to your location, assess your situation and state the price.

3. We complete the job and you pay the fee we agreed upon.

It’s simple! We take care of our customers – not just their locks. Not only do we offer transparent pricing, but we work with our customers, helping them with their locks and keys, advising them about the best products, and making sure they’re satisfied with the job we do. With the Locksmith Indianapolis, you’re getting quality service at a great price!

Call us now for 24-hour locksmith support with your lockout! (317) 492-9490