Car Key Replacement

Get a New Car Key Right Away!

Needing a new car key may or may not be an emergency. Even if it’s not, that doesn’t mean we can’t get you what you need right away! We can make you a replacement car key at your location, wherever you are in the city. You don’t have to drive around town, looking for someone to do it for you at the right price. And if you’re in an emergency situation where you’re stranded without a key, that’s no problem either! Because we’re a totally mobile locksmith company, we carry everything we need to make you a new key on the spot.Don’t have the original? That’s alright – we can make you a replacement even if yours has gone missing or been stolen. We can replace most makes and models of keys, including:

Blade Keys

Blade keys are the typical, steel-cut car keys that were the industry standard in the US before 1995. They have no chips or communication technology inside. They’re no longer in widespread use, as it’s mostly drivers with older car models who require them. However, replacing them is simple and can usually be done pretty quickly.

Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are the most common key in use today. They’re made with a chip inside the fob which sends a signal to your car’s onboard computer system. The signal allows your car to recognize your key and startup. It’s unique to your car and can only be replicated by a trained professional. So, what to do when you’ve lost your transponder key? Well, you can go to a dealership and pay outrageous prices. Or, you can call us and we can originate a transponder key for your car more affordably.

Not sure you have a transponder key? There’s a couple of things you can look for. Usually, transponder keys are thicker than regular blade keys. They also have a hard, plastic shell that makes up the fob. You can always call the manufacturer or dealer if you’re unsure. (But remember – we can make you a much cheaper replacement!)

Car Key Replacement in Indianapolis - The Locksmith Indianapolis

Proximity Keys (Smart Keys)

Proximity keys represent a huge upgrade in modern car key technology, making keyless entry and start-up to your car possible. A proximity key isn’t so much of a key really. It’s a small fob that allows you to start your car and unlock your doors without a key (or even the touch of a button.) The fob communicates with your car so that your doors unlock and your engine starts as soon as you’re within acceptable range. The ease of access with a proximity key means that you don’t even need to keep the fob in hand – you can simply put it in your purse or wallet and move throughout your day without thought.

However, because people don’t have to consciously keep track of the fob, it can make losing it much easier. Additionally, the high-tech nature of proximity keys also means a high price tag. Dealerships charge an arm and a leg (typically anywhere between $200-$500) to make a replacement. Instead, choose The Locksmith Indianapolis. We can program a new proximity key for you at any time and location of your convenience, saving you the hassle of having your car towed to the dealership and being overcharged for a replacement key.