4 Tips To Help You Avoid A Car Lockout

There is nothing more frustrating than locking yourself out of your car. If you can’t get on the road all your day to day plans may get turned upside down. The Locksmith Indianapolis has been providing lockout assistance for Indianapolis drivers for quite some time now. We gathered a huge experience in this field. So as lockout experts we want to give you few tips to help you avoid a car lockout. 

  1. Always Keep Your Keys On You

This seems like something everyone already knows but in our experience, a majority of lockouts happen because people forget their keys or leave them inside the vehicle when they exit. Using a brightly colored key chain is one way of making sure that you’ll always notice your car keys and grab them before you close the door. 

2. Get A Spare Key

Duplicating your key is a must if you ask us. Making a habit of keeping your keys on you can take a while. Therefore, you may still lose or misplace your car keys by accident. Having a spare key will prevent a stressful lockout situation. Key duplication is very fast and affordable. Get an experienced mobile locksmith like The Locksmith Indianapolis to duplicate your car keys ASAP! After you get a spare key, make sure you keep it in an easily accessible place. 

3. Replace FOB Batteries

Sometimes the key FOB may not work when unlocking your vehicle. The reason behind it is probably dead batteries. To avoid a lockout, make sure you always carry batteries with you (they are pretty small so you can keep them in the wallet). If your FOB batteries are dead and you have no spare ones, try unlocking the door by inserting the key. 

4. Have A Trusted Locksmith On Speed Dial

No matter how thoughtful you are, car lockout can happen to you regardless of anything. That’s why you need to have contact information of a trusted locksmith company. As soon as you notice signs of wear and tear on your car locks and keys, get professionals to repair them right away. Make sure that your chosen locksmith company is mobile and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way you’ll know that whenever you lock yourself out of a car they can come to help you. 

If you consider our recommendations it is less likely that you’ll ever get locked out of a car. But in case you still do, give The Locksmith Indianapolis a call. You can see more about our 24/7 mobile car lockout service on our website.